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The Leading Content Agency For Online Brands...

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Our content has generated over 1 billion views
across the world for our clients...

Let us finally unlock TikTok for your brand!

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TikTok; Be The First To Trend With Us

If you're looking to stay ahead of the game in the online advertising world, look no further than TikTok - the future of digital marketing. And our team of Gen Z's have the insider knowledge and skills needed to position your brand at the forefront of this exciting movement. By combining entertainment and commerce, we can take your brand viral on TikTok, ensuring that your message reaches a massive and engaged audience. We'll handle every aspect of the platform, from strategy and trend monitoring to content creation, account setup, and management. And with our expertise in paid media spend and reporting, you can rest assured that your investment will yield measurable results.

  • A Bespoke Strategy To Dominate The Platform

  • End-To-End Content Production, From Ideation To Execution

  • Account Management And Ad Buying

  •  Done-For-You Video Ad Creative

  •  Our 'NDR’ Formula, Proven To Lower Acquisition Costs

  • Creative Testing Matrix To Double Down On Results

Meta; Performance Driven Creative

Our team of specialists will script, shoot & edit video ads that are proven to lower customer acquisition costs. Our ‘Native-Direct-Response’ creative framework has generated over $300M+ for our clients by combining authentic UGC content with direct response marketing principles. Our proven process involves a collaborative approach with our clients, continually testing, learning, and adapting to ensure long-term business growth.

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Ad Buying

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Our team will help you launch winning creative every month, using our ad buying frameworks for ecommerce, lead generation, and viral campaigns for retail.

  • Discover CC's 'Ad Sync Matrix'

  • TikTok & Meta Ad Buying

  • Performance Based Pricing Model

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Success Stories & Testimonials


We turned $72k into $481,000+ in just 30 days


We generated over $150,000 from a single 6 second creative in less than a month.


"Creative Converters have been a driving force in taking our brand from $10M to $100m+ in annual revenue. Their team of experts have been phenomenal in producing high converting video ads on a monthly basis..."
Davie Fogarty


What Our Clients Say...

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2000+ Trained Content Creators

We test a wide range of creators for your brand and offer the opportunity to use the same ambassadors ongoing if they are resonating with your audiences. The right face for your brand gives authority, relatability and authenticity to your overall message. This helps customers connect with your story, pushing them into a point of sale.

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Our Work

'Amidst the ever-changing digital landscape,
one truth remains; Creating 'Native' content is the ultimate way to connect with your audience.
Our company partners with brands that want to connect with new customers, and stay attuned to the latest cultural trends.'


Noah Hunter Dorsey - Director

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  • Where are your creators based?
    We have creators based in Australia, Singapore, UK, NZ and USA.
  • How can Creative Converters ensure that the ads provided are being used effectively?
    Our philosophy at CC is to use data to validate our creative decisions, so we organise a setup call to make sure the assets are being tested fairly and effectively. We also go a step further and provide the team running the ads a sheet to fill out on each of the creatives, so we can pull out creative insights to improve performance for every new round of work.
  • What does the pricing range look like for brands looking to work with CC?
    Our prices are based on the strategy required to help a brand achieve their goals. However our minimum fee is $6,000 purely for content, and have full service packages that range to $80,000AUD per month for our enterprise level clients. But don't be shy, there's always a way we can help you - whether its editing, our education platform or even just some advice on a discovery call can make the world of difference!
  • How long in advance does a brand need to set up the account and build strategy?
    We’ll need 6 weeks to get a basic campaign live, so starting asap would be great. We go through an initial 2 week strategy and onboarding period, 2 weeks of filming, 1 week of editing and 1 week of revision before we go-live/launch.
  • How many Creators do you get in a package?
    You are allowed to add on as many creators as needed to run the right campaign, however it does cost more to add more talent into a monthly delivery of assets. Our baseline package allows you to work with 2 x key creators.
  • Do you get new creators each month?
    You have the ability to pick from new creators and have the option to continue with past high performing creators too.
  • Does CC provide revision on delivered assets?
    Yes, we allow a round of revisions (editing, reshooting, etc.) before the go-live date, to ensure everyone is happy with the work delivered.
  • Is there a lock in term?
    Over the last 4 years, we’ve learnt that working with a new brand successfully doesn't happen overnight! So we typically like to work on an initial 4 x month term to really prove to brands what we can achieve. There is flexibility for term negotiations however.
  • How do you track and manage flow of work?
    We will confirm timelines, and what's needed in the onboarding – where we deliver a WIP doc which is essentially a one stop shop for everything we do. Here we’ve built a custom doc, so you can't miss a thing - we literally do all approvals, updates, reports, timelines in the one doc to make things simple. We’ve had feedback that CC sets the gold standard for creator/creative and ad management. This helps us keep track of timelines, meeting notes, ads delivery and revisions, without confusion.
  • How do you find and curate your talent? How many creators do you have?
    We’ve built our own platform that we house and manage talent training, selection and content delivery processes in. We’ve been running ads for years and acquiring applications for creators that want to make content for their favourite brands. Here, we’ve been lucky enough to train thousands of creators globally - specifically for TikTok style formats and UGC ads. We don't train to read a script - we train so creators understand the structure, creative vision of shots needed for the creative concept. That’s why our ads and TikTok's are authentic, relatable and actually convert…
  • Can we request certain creators?
    We can put up a custom casting. Given we have such a broad network we’ll most likely have them - however we like to be clear and honest before moving forward into a package to avoid confusion. We can’t guarantee we’ll have them - but we’ll give it a red hot crack! Luckily we’ve service brands in nearly every niche so we’re constantly onboarding new talent.
  • How experienced are your team?
    We are a Gen-Z built creative team, but don't confuse age with lack of experience… Each member of this team has either run their own ecommerce brand or worked on the biggest brands in the world over the last 3-5 years. What's more, they actually grew up on these new platforms, and intuitively know how to get your brand pumping on a platform for cultural relevance but also through the direct response sales philosophy built by the co-founders.
  • Where are you based?
    We have offices in Melbourne, Bali, The Phillipines and Singapore - with a global team. Our creators however work all around the world.

Apply for your free strategy session today to avoid missing out.

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