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The Done-With-You Program

E-commerce Ads Mastery

Learn Our Video Ad System For Scaling Stores To $100k/Month
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in sales 
365 day guarantee  

This program is designed to help you build an efficient and scalable content machine within your business to master the advertising landscape of Facebook, Instagram & TikTok...

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‘Plug-&-Play Creative Converters’s Exact Content Machine Into Your E-commerce Business’

Over the past five years, Creative Converters has perfected a framework and system for producing high-converting native video content at scale. The aim of this program is to equip founders and their teams with this exact framework, enabling them to build and operate an end-to-end production content department.

Introducing Your New Mentors

The masterminds behind Creative Converters, Australia’s top ad agency that creates and scales over 500+ social media ads each month for the world's leading e-commerce brands.

Noah Hunter Dorsey

Creative Converters, Tommi Skin, Future Fulfilment

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Hugh O'Donnel

Creative Converters, Brand Growth Specialist

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CC is actively creating content for brands like Kathmandu, Bondi Boost, The Oodie, Airtasker, Essano, Linktree + many more... helping  generate over $800 million in sales!

The program covers everything from conceptualising a viral ad idea to executing it, going live, and generating sales for your business on autopilot.

Participate in 3 x 3-hour virtual calls, offering an exceptional training schedule, direct input on brand-specific issues, and a plethora of resources to streamline the ad creation process. By the end of the course, you'll have acquired the skills to create high-converting ads from scratch, either by doing it yourself or by building a team to automate the process.

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If your advertising results do not significantly improve after diligently applying what you've learned, we will refund the course fee in full. This no-risk offer demonstrates our absolute confidence in the transformative potential of our program

365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Join E-commerce Ads Mastery today for a fraction of the full price!

$9950     $3950

Only 10 spots available! Secure your spot today

An In-Depth Look into Our Exclusive E-commerce Course Curriculum



The course begins with an all-encompassing overview, outlining the core principles and goals. We then delve into the critical importance of understanding essential business metrics and how they guide your brand's growth. The balance between maintaining brand identity and driving sales is discussed, followed by the necessity of integrating creativity with systematic approaches to maximize efficiency. We explore the iterative process of testing and feedback loops, helping you understand how to make data-driven decisions. We introduce the concept of the 'Creative Funnel,' a strategic approach to lead conversion. Finally, we tackle the art of team building and hiring, emphasizing the significance of having a motivated and skillful team.


The session begins with an overview of marketing 'Angles,' key components of persuasive communication. We guide you through the process of avatar creation, enabling targeted and personalized marketing. Understanding market sophistication aids in formulating effective marketing strategies. In-depth sessions on customer, market, competitor, and product research equip you with the knowledge to outperform competition. The call culminates with practical techniques for crafting and developing your unique marketing angles.






In this session, we discuss the importance and techniques of brief writing. Finding inspiration for captivating content is critical - we share our secret sources and strategies. We dive into crafting effective hooks, understanding product features, and creating compelling calls to action. You'll learn to identify and articulate problems your product solves and the benefits it offers. We also cover the potential of unboxing videos and the importance of B-roll in creating dynamic content.

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We begin by helping you understand the importance of creators in producing engaging content. We share proven strategies for finding suitable creators aligned with your brand's identity. The session includes practical tips for effective creator outreach, negotiation techniques, and the review process. We wrap up with common hurdles in content creation and practical solutions.


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We provide a comprehensive overview of editing, a crucial part of content production. We share our recommended tools and software that maximize efficiency. Practical guidance on using Descript for editing is included. This session also offers insights into creating diverse content, including user-generated videos, text-based videos, short videos, and TikTok content.



Moving Forward & Bonuses

The final call focuses on sustainable strategies for your brand's future endeavors. Our bonus sessions offer value-added benefits. You'll learn about the best practices of hiring an editor, master the art of ad copywriting, gain exclusive access to our secret ad swipe file, understand our tried and tested ad account launch framework, and get introduced to our private community of successful entrepreneurs.

Confidence in Your Learning Journey: Guaranteed Results

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Comprehensive Course Content
We guarantee that the program will cover all the topics outlined in the course overview, providing a holistic and thorough learning experience.

Actionable Insights 
Our program guarantees to provide practical and actionable insights that you can implement in your business. We focus on real-world applications and provide techniques and strategies that can be immediately put into practice.

Q&A Session
Each call includes a dedicated Q&A segment, allowing participants to ask questions, seek clarification, and discuss their ideas. We guarantee that your questions will be addressed during these sessions.

Expert Instructors
You will receive expert instruction from experienced professionals in the field of marketing and brand growth. Our instructors are in the trenches everyday with a track record of success, executing campaigns for the global leading brands.

Satisfaction Gaurantee
We have absolute confidence in the transformative power of this program, which is why we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you diligently implement everything we teach and your advertising results don't skyrocket, we will refund your course fee in full.

Valuable Resources
As part of the course, you will receive valuable resources such as templates, guides, and recommended tools and software. These resources will enhance your learning experience and provide you with practical tools for implementation.

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The Story Of Tommi Skin By
Noah Hunter Dorsey
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There was a time when my girlfriend and I were just ordinary people, lost in a sea of 9-to-5 monotony, yearning for something more. We craved the entrepreneurial success stories splashed across the pages of the Daily Mail, believing that such achievements could be our golden ticket to the life we desired. Together, we embarked on a journey to launch our own product, a bespoke face mask. Our hearts, souls, and life savings were poured into countless hours of perfecting the formula and designing the packaging.  The day we launched was a blend of trepidation and exhilaration. Like so many others, we adhered to the conventional wisdom: dispatch our product to micro-influencers and let the magic happen on launch day. Alas, our reality was far from this prescribed fairy tale. But it wasn't entirely a disaster, either. On our first day, we sold enough to earn $223. Not quite a headline-making feat, but a promising beginning nonetheless. Yet, our initial success was short-lived. For two excruciating weeks, we sold nothing. Our next sale, worth a measly $44, arrived two weeks later. The bitter taste of failure was threatening to sour our dreams. We watched other brands flourish as we wallowed in the shadows, questioning our purpose and our ability. We poured our souls into the work: staying up late to prepare influencer orders, relentless Instagram posting, and an endless chain of DMs. Despite our efforts, success was elusive.  Doubt, fear, and anxiety seeped into our hearts, mocking us. There were nights we'd lie awake wondering if we were chasing an unattainable dream or if we should surrender and retreat to our familiar 9-to-5 lives Staring at the grim reality of our last $1,000, we felt the edge of desperation. We decided to gamble on a big influencer with a follower count of 350k, investing our last vestiges of hope, and money, in a promotional post. We believed this could be the wind that would fill our deflated sails, the push we needed to sell our inventory and gather capital for the next batch. When she finally posted, our hearts pounded with anticipation. But then nothing.  Our dreams crumbled under the weight of disappointment. We felt crushed, lost, and utterly hopeless. I felt like I had failed my girlfriend, failed us. But something sparked in that desperation, a revelation that we had overlooked. All this while, we had the same tools as the big brands – the website templates, the influencers, the price points. But one thing we didn't do was run ads, a strategy employed by the successful companies we aspired to emulate. Inspired by this newfound realization, I took on two jobs to fund our ad campaigns. My videography skills came in handy as I meticulously crafted our ads, studying and emulating the tactics of successful brands like Koala, Hismile, and Bali Body. Surprisingly We started to see improvement. Sales rolled in daily, and we started earning about $200 a day. But the profits were slim. With ad expenses and product costs, we were still far from making our venture our sole income source. We understood that the missing puzzle piece was better ads. Our journey was a whirlwind of trials and errors. We tested product images, reposted influencer photos, filmed HD videos, engaged professional editors, even hired agencies. Every imaginable type of content was thrown into the test mix, but we found ourselves stuck, unable to move past the $200-a-day revenue cap. It was like running on a treadmill, exhausting but stationary. Then, one ordinary day, a series of notifications sounded on our phones. One sale, two, three. Our daily sales were skyrocketing, reaching an all-time high of $1000. We were over the moon, basking in the euphoria of our best day ever. Intrigued by this unexpected success, we delved into the metrics. Amid our normal advertising, a single ad, cryptically titled "Hannah Ad" stood out. It was surpassing everything else, boasting impressive click-through rates and an outstanding return on ad spend. It dawned on us that this ad was different: it was native, seamlessly blending into the platform it was hosted on. Unlike our other ads, it didn't bear the professional polish of conventional advertising; it was raw, authentic, and compelling. We replicated this approach, launching more native ads and reaping similar results. Within 6 months, our brand was turning over $220,000 + a month, and we found ourselves featured in prestigious publications like Fashion Journal and Vogue. With our brand thriving, we took the plunge, leaving our jobs to focus solely on our business.  We expanded our product range and ventured into international markets. Setting up our own warehouse and office, we built a passionate team. Offers from potential buyers affirmed our accomplishments.  The strategies that propelled Tommi Skin to new heights led us to establish Creative Converters, where we now have the privilege of collaborating with some of the world's largest companies. Today, we stand before you, sharing our story, with the hope of inspiring and supporting you on your own entrepreneurial journey.  We have transcended the realm of ordinary individuals lost in the monotony of a conventional 9-to-5 life. Financial freedom is no longer an abstract concept, but a tangible reality. We have surpassed our own expectations, generating substantial revenue, and achieving a level of success we once believed was reserved for the select few. Our Mission Yet, extends far beyond personal accomplishments. With the knowledge and experience we have gained, we are committed to making an even greater impact on business owners.  We have developed a groundbreaking "done with you" program, empowering entrepreneurs to harness the power of native advertising and creative content to drive their own success. Our journey has taught us invaluable lessons about perseverance, innovation, and the transformative power of self-belief. We intimately understand the challenges and doubts that arise when pursuing a dream, and it is our heartfelt desire to guide others along their entrepreneurial paths. No longer ordinary individuals, we now exist to inspire and support individuals like you. Whether you are just starting out or amidst your own entrepreneurial voyage, remember that success is within your reach. Believe in yourself, embrace innovation, and unleash your boundless creativity.  Together, we can unlock a world of infinite possibilities and transform your dreams into reality.

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Together, we can unlock a world of infinite possibilities and transform your dreams into reality


  • Where are your creators based?
    We have creators based in Australia, Singapore, UK, NZ and USA.
  • How can Creative Converters ensure that the ads provided are being used effectively?
    Our philosophy at CC is to use data to validate our creative decisions, so we organise a setup call to make sure the assets are being tested fairly and effectively. We also go a step further and provide the team running the ads a sheet to fill out on each of the creatives, so we can pull out creative insights to improve performance for every new round of work.
  • What does the pricing range look like for brands looking to work with CC?
    Our prices are based on the strategy required to help a brand achieve their goals. However our minimum fee is $6,000 purely for content, and have full service packages that range to $80,000AUD per month for our enterprise level clients. But don't be shy, there's always a way we can help you - whether its editing, our education platform or even just some advice on a discovery call can make the world of difference!
  • How long in advance does a brand need to set up the account and build strategy?
    We’ll need 6 weeks to get a basic campaign live, so starting asap would be great. We go through an initial 2 week strategy and onboarding period, 2 weeks of filming, 1 week of editing and 1 week of revision before we go-live/launch.
  • How many Creators do you get in a package?
    You are allowed to add on as many creators as needed to run the right campaign, however it does cost more to add more talent into a monthly delivery of assets. Our baseline package allows you to work with 2 x key creators.
  • Do you get new creators each month?
    You have the ability to pick from new creators and have the option to continue with past high performing creators too.
  • Does CC provide revision on delivered assets?
    Yes, we allow a round of revisions (editing, reshooting, etc.) before the go-live date, to ensure everyone is happy with the work delivered.
  • Is there a lock in term?
    Over the last 4 years, we’ve learnt that working with a new brand successfully doesn't happen overnight! So we typically like to work on an initial 4 x month term to really prove to brands what we can achieve. There is flexibility for term negotiations however.
  • How do you track and manage flow of work?
    We will confirm timelines, and what's needed in the onboarding – where we deliver a WIP doc which is essentially a one stop shop for everything we do. Here we’ve built a custom doc, so you can't miss a thing - we literally do all approvals, updates, reports, timelines in the one doc to make things simple. We’ve had feedback that CC sets the gold standard for creator/creative and ad management. This helps us keep track of timelines, meeting notes, ads delivery and revisions, without confusion.
  • How do you find and curate your talent? How many creators do you have?
    We’ve built our own platform that we house and manage talent training, selection and content delivery processes in. We’ve been running ads for years and acquiring applications for creators that want to make content for their favourite brands. Here, we’ve been lucky enough to train thousands of creators globally - specifically for TikTok style formats and UGC ads. We don't train to read a script - we train so creators understand the structure, creative vision of shots needed for the creative concept. That’s why our ads and TikTok's are authentic, relatable and actually convert…
  • Can we request certain creators?
    We can put up a custom casting. Given we have such a broad network we’ll most likely have them - however we like to be clear and honest before moving forward into a package to avoid confusion. We can’t guarantee we’ll have them - but we’ll give it a red hot crack! Luckily we’ve service brands in nearly every niche so we’re constantly onboarding new talent.
  • How experienced are your team?
    We are a Gen-Z built creative team, but don't confuse age with lack of experience… Each member of this team has either run their own ecommerce brand or worked on the biggest brands in the world over the last 3-5 years. What's more, they actually grew up on these new platforms, and intuitively know how to get your brand pumping on a platform for cultural relevance but also through the direct response sales philosophy built by the co-founders.
  • Where are you based?
    We have offices in Melbourne, Bali, The Phillipines and Singapore - with a global team. Our creators however work all around the world.
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