UGC Video Ads That Scale Ecommerce Stores

We'll script, shoot & edit video ads that lower customer acquisitions cost. Our proven ad system has generated $200M in ecomm sales.

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Facebook Ads are getting harder. Now, creative that engages & builds trust is more important than ever. We implement the most up-to-date ad trends and tactics that are working right now, and have been proven across 400+ of our clients.

We’ve created paid ads for 400+ leading brands...

Our Proven 'Native Direct Response' Formula

We produce high converting video ads, to scale your ecommerce brand. 

Our "Native Direct Response" Creative Formula combines authentic UGC videos that get high engagement & trust, with direct-response principles that turn video viewers into customers.

 End-to-End Ad Productions

Your brand will be designated a specific pod filled with experienced copywriters, talent specialists, content creators, editors, and strategists. 


We'll combine your brand, customer research & competitor analysis to script, film & edit the ads that are almost guaranteed to convert.

Case Studies 

Consumers are craving authenticity, relatability and trust when making purchase decisions online… CC’s winning formula has helped hundreds of brands globally scale to $200M+ in revenue.

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