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Case Studies

We've helped scale some of the worlds fastest growing ecommerce brands....


The Oodie is a brand that offers the most comfortable and cozy sherpafleece hoodies with fun and family-friendly designs. When they first approached our agency, they were struggling to generate enough content to support their advertising spend, causing their ads to become less effective over time.

To help The Oodie, we tested different types of ads featuring different age groups and families. After finding a combination that was effective and scalable, we developed a strategy and system for delivering high volumes of ads on a monthly basis for further testing.

Our partnership with The Oodie has been instrumental in their rapid growth, taking the brand from generating $1 million in monthly revenue to $20 million within just two years. Today, The Oodie continues to work with us on a monthly basis to support their in-house efforts.



Hey Silky Skin is a company that offers at-home laser hair removal devices through e-commerce channels. As one of Creative Converters' oldest clients, Hey Silky Skin has relied on a range of diverse content creators to generate high-converting, direct response content to maximize trackable return on ad spend and minimize cost per acquisition.

Despite the challenges posed by the iOS 15 update, Hey Silky Skin continues to work with Creative Converters to drive performance and create effective content. Recently, Hey Silky Skin utilized SPARK ads on the Titkok platform to achieve a significant reach, with multiple videos accumulating millions of views, some even reaching over 4 million.

Who Is Elijah
Who Is Elijah is a cruelty-free and gender-fluid fragrance brand known for their clean, sexy, and modernist scents that blur the lines between masculine and feminine. When the team at Who Is Elijah first engaged with Creative Converters, they were struggling to generate positive returns on investment due to underperforming ads.

To help turn things around, Creative Converters analyzed Who Is Elijah's ad library and developed fresh, innovative user-generated content (UGC) that utilized shock factor to engage and excite users. These efforts paid off, with a range of ads performing exceptionally well and generating an average return on ad spend above break-even, in some cases reaching up to 5-7. As a result, Who Is Elijah was able to increase their monthly revenue and successfully turn their business around.



is a brand that has reinvented the way tradies (tradespeople) dress for work, offering comfortable, stylish, and durable clothing. In recent years, BADWORK WEAR has become Australia's largest workwear brand.

Previously, BADWORK WEAR relied on polished, branded, static creatives for their ads, but approached Creative Converters (CC) to test the power of user-generated content (UGC) for their Facebook and Instagram audiences. CC developed TikTok-style content to showcase the features and benefits of BADWORK WEAR's pieces in a visually appealing way. By utilizing jump cut edits and TikTok-inspired ads positioned for the top of the funnel, CC was able to revitalize BADWORK WEAR's ad account and bring in culturally relevant content.

After just two weeks of testing, the ads performed exceptionally well, generating over a million dollars in revenue. CC and BADWORK WEAR are now working together on a monthly retainer across all platforms to continue pushing the boundaries of content and focus on TikTok organic and paid strategies



Eucalyptus is a telehealth company that addresses unique and taboo health issues that traditional health services are unable to solve by integrating e-commerce products into innovative tech solutions. After raising Series B funding, Eucalyptus turned to Creative Converters to test the use of user-generated content (UGC) across their multiple brands, including Software, Pilot, and Kin.

These brands faced challenges in creating authentic, trustworthy, and value-driven content to address issues like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and troubled skin. Creative Converters supported Eucalyptus by developing testimonial-style ads featuring real customers from our database of creators, allowing the brands to test UGC creatives across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These ads received high engagement, had a high click-through rate, and resulted in lower cost per acquisition.

We are currently working with Eucalyptus to support their brands in multiple new campaigns featuring real people who have experienced the benefits and emotional relief of their services.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 10.05.10 am.png

PYJAMA BRAND | $43.2k Generated @ 16 ROAS.

A comfortable and stylish pyjama and loungewear company that keeps up with the latest trends and offers custom designs approached Creative Converters because they were experiencing sales spikes and troughs with bi-weekly product launches and influencer sponsorship. The brand wanted to introduce a new revenue stream that would provide consistency in addition to their organic channels and community.

After just a few weeks of retargeting organic followers with engaging user-generated content (UGC) throughout the funnel, Creative Converters (CC) was able to generate a million-dollar monthly revenue stream for the brand. The key to this success was keeping the brand top of mind for their loyal community and driving new products and sales as needed to grow the brand via paid channels.


DRIVA is a tech startup that offers a platform for people to compare and choose their preferred car loan with personalized rates in just 60 seconds. When they approached Creative Converters (CC), they wanted to create user-generated content (UGC) to educate customers on the power of their app in a more authentic way.

However, as a startup with no tangible product and no experience creating UGC content, the DRIVA team struggled to effectively communicate the value and functionality of their app through the eyes of their customers. To address this challenge, the Creative team at CC developed a range of ads featuring different content creators that related to different customer segments, with a range of angles for testing.

The result was a significant reduction (30%) in cost per lead, an increase in users, and an average click-through rate of 1.5%. DRIVA is now working with CC on an ongoing basis from both an organic and paid perspective, using performance data to create consistent increases for their brand and set the bar higher each month.

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