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The comfiest, most delectable sherpafleece filled oversize Hoodie you could ever dream of (with fun and family friendly designs). 


As one of our oldest clients, the Oodie came to us in our infancy as an agency. As a brand that was moving fast in the UGC space, their biggest problem was they simply didn’t have enough content to support their spend, ads were fatiguing fast. With big goals, the team started testing different style of ads, with different kids, teenagers, mums and families. After testing we soon identified a winning combination that was scalable, so we developed a strategy and ‘conveyor belt’ type system where high volumes of ads were delivered monthly for testing. 


We were able to support the Oodie through an enormous growth phase, being a driving force taking the brand from 1 Million a month to 20 million monthly within 2 years. 


Over time, we’ve developed a relationship where the Oodie come to us in support for their own in house efforts, monthly.



Australia’s first DIY at home IPL hair laser removal device, offering a range of easy solutions for people all around the world! 


As one Creative Converters earliest clients, Hey Silky Skin has held a foothold in the ecommerce space for years, developing content from a range of diverse creators all suffering from different problems. The team needed volumes of high converting , direct response content to maximise trackable ROAS, and minimise CPA’s. After years of working together to drive performance, and work through hurdles that the ios15 update has posed, the Hey Silky team come to us for support when it comes to performing creatives. 


Our most recent success is on Titkok, utilising SPARK ads to drive an enormous reach on this evolving platform, with multiple videos attaining Millions of Views, some of which 4Million + 


Build on Cruelty free, gender fluid foundations Who IS Elijah is paving their way in the fragrance space. The hands on team develop clean cut, sexy, modernist scents, blurring the lines between the masculine and feminine. 


Who is Elijah, engagement with Creative Converts in the minds of the Covid Lockdown, and unalike allot of other brands, the Ads were  underperforming making things hard for the team to turn a positive return on investment. After analysing the Ads library, the team at Cc’s developed new, fresh and innovative UGC, harnessing SHOCK FACTOR as apart of the new creatives, to cut through and engage with users, it was time get loud and excite peoples senses. 


With a range of ads, performing extremely well with an average ROAS pushing well above break even, (in some cases a 5-7), who is Elijah was able to increase their monthly revenue, to successfully turn around their business. Working in collaboration with our digital Partner (Zevon Digital), we are working on an ongoing basis, to double down on Creatives that are high performing, to continue on with the moment that has been building over the last few months. 



Re-inventing the way Tradies dress for work, comfortable, stylish and durable pieces. Australia’s biggest Workwear brand that has risen to enormous heights within the last few years. 


After relying on polished, branded, static based Creatives for their Ads, the BAD team approached Cc’s to test the power of UGC for their Facebook and Instagram audiences. The CC’s team pushed to develop Tiktok style content to show the different pieces their features and benefits with more a visual appeal than your standard apparel brand. Through jump cut edits and tiktok inspired Ads positioned for Top of the Funnel, CC were able to revitalise the BAD ad account, to bring in culturally relevant content. 


After only two weeks of testing, the Ads performed extremely well, generating over Million dollars in revenue… 


CC and BAD are now working in partnership, to continue pushing the boundaries of content. Tiktok Organic and Paid strategies are now a focus, working on a monthly retainer across all platforms.



The newest Telehealth for unique and taboo issues, solving the problems that traditional health services cant-  integrating ecommerce product into an innovative tech solution


After successfully raising in series B funding, Eucalyptus came to CC to put UGC to the test across their multiple brands. With health issues alike hairloss and ED, troubled skin and many other topics, the brand struggled to create Authentic content that was trust worthy and value driven. Education was a massive part of building their brand and connecting to thousands. 


The Creative converters team have been supporting the Eucalyptus group through developing testimonial style ads, through the lens of real customers in our database of creators. This has allowed the brands to test UGC creative across platforms, alike Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, with particular Ads being received extremely well. With a high engagement, CTR, lower CPA’s we have been able to support internal teams, with fast turnarounds on impromptu briefs. 


We are now working to support these brands across multiple new campaigns with real people, that have actually felt the results and emotional relief of their services. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 10.05.10 am.png

PYJAMA BRAND | $43.2k Generated @ 16 ROAS.

Comfortable and stylish pyjamas and loungewear, with a focus  to keep up with the latest trends, custom designs are fun and fresh and always keep people surprised. 


With an influencer backing the brand, This Pyjama brand approached Creative Converters as they were experiencing sales spikes and troughs with bi-weekly product launches and influencer sponsorship, the brand was looking to introduce a new revenue stream that would create consistency ontop of their Organic channels and community. 


After only a few weeks of retargeting organic followers with engaging UGC content throughout the funnel, CC’s was Abel to generate a Million dollar revenue stream monthly. 

The key here was keeping the brand top of mind to their loyal community and driving new products and sales as needed to astronomically grow the brand via paid channels. 


A tech startup giving people the ability compare and choose their preferred car loan, with personalised rates with 60 seconds,


Driva approached CC’s with the challenge to create UGC content to educate customers on the power of their app in a more authentic way.


With no tangible product, and no experience creating UGC content the Driva team struggled to communicate the value of the app and its functionality, let alone through the eyes of their customers. The Creative team at CC’s rose to the challenged and developed a range of ads using different content creators relating to different customer segments, each with a range of angles for testing. 


Outcome: A significant reduction (30%) in Cost Per Lead, Increase in users, and an avg CTR of 1.5%. 


Driva are now working with the team on an ongoing basis from both an organic and paid front. Utilising performance Data, is key to creating an increases for these brands, setting the bar higher each month. 

Driva loan matches.png


An ethical hair care and colour brand, approached CC to maximise reach for Retail distribution, in hope to move into retailers globally. Before working with CC, TikToks were not reaching above 900 views.

Since working with CC, Brite has achieved over 200K + Views, and is now successfully distributed through Walmart, Kmart and Target. Videos are being well received across a new cohort of followers.


An awesome health and beauty brands, focusing on natural health for Mums and kids. Lovwell wanted to solidify a foothold on the new platform and build a community of loyal followers, to capitalise on. CC were able to generate over 200,000+ views in the first month of work together.

MicrosoftTeams-image 2.png


Hey Silky Skin is one of CC’s oldest clients, originally working through UGC paid ad strategies. With a rise in CPA’s across their traditional channels, they have found allot of success working with the CC team to generate mammoth results. Using shock as a key pillar behind the content strategy, just one of our videos generated over 15.7M views, and multiple videos generating Ms +. Here we have been able to turn Hey Silky skin into one of the biggest ecommerce brands dominating the Tiktok landscape with our content strategy.

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