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It’s obvious by now that Tiktok is the future. Brands that leave it too late, are going to be left behind. It’s confusing & constantly changing - so let our team of Gen Z & Millennials do it for you.

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Account Set Up

We’ll set up your account from scratch, and optimise your profile for maximum growth & conversions. ​​

  • We will get to know your brand

  • We will research your market & competitors


Based on current trends & your specific brand, we’ll custom-build you a growth strategy to make you go viral. Our TikTok experts focus on two main content styles.

  • ​Brand building (proactive content)

  • Trend focused (reactive content)

Content Creation

We have a team of 3,000+ creators & our own editors who know how to make content that gets views, and more importantly sales.

  • Trend Monitoring

  • Content Ideation & Creation

  • Content Creator Casting - 3,000 trained creators ready

Management & Growth

Our social media experts have helped generate 10,000,000 in video views and will post, engage and manage your entire account for you.

  • Account Management 

  • Spark Ads 

  • Reporting

Recent Work

Australia's TikTok Experts

TikTok Vs Facebook  - Thank Tommi 

With IOS updates, and the changing social media landscape, CPA’s are continuing to increase and profitability is a challenge for many brands.


The CC team decided to put efforts into TikTok advirtising for the brand Thank Tommi. TikTok has more attention right now than any other social media platform.


Below, we compare the results (TikTok vs FB) with a similar spend and open targeting. 

Untitled design.png




For a fair test, we spent roughly the same amount on each platform.

Clicks were 6 x cheaper on TikTok vs Facebook. We were able to reach over 3 x the amount of people per dollar spent, and TikTok had millions more impressions than Facebook. CPA's were much cheaper on TikTok, and Thank Tommi is now highly profitable again. 

We helped Hey Silky Skin 
reach over
2million people with our user-generated TikTok content


We created content for Oz Hair & Beauty that reached 1,000,000+ people 

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